Reading Challenge

"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader."  One of our goals again this year is to encourage children to read. There are many benefits to reading. Exposure to words leads to increased general knowledge, academic performance, communication and analytical skills. It also expands your vocabulary. Some other benefits are that it relieves stress, boosts mental health, and alleviates insomnia if reading prior to bed.  With the increase in time spent on social media and gaming, encouraging your child to read more will make a tremendous impact in their future. 
Each quarter our students will be challenged to meet their personal or grade level goals.  Please help us support them by encouraging them to read and turning in their appropriate paperwork on time. At the end of the year, if they have earned all four quarters, they get some special time on the Bouncy House(s) during the last days of school. Each year more students get involved so this year is no exception. We always love to have more participate!